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"Pat Kelly could cure ALS with the drop of a single ice cube onto his head, but knows others need the attention more than he. #patkellyrumors"
dave_powers at 10:08 AM Aug 8, 2014

"Giuseppe Zoppi murdered his wife in Italy and fled to the United States. He later remarried."
Anonymous at 07:28 PM Aug 6, 2014

"I heard Greg Bean declined a record deal with Interscope records due to creative control."
Anonymous at 06:42 AM Jul 25, 2014

"I heard the HMS pasta lunch lady died recently due to a disease related to a carbohydrate deficiency."
Anonymous at 08:19 AM Jul 24, 2014

Anonymous at 08:44 PM Jul 23, 2014

"Brian Wheeler pays me to take pictures of him holding fish that I caught. "
Matt Allen at 06:46 PM Jul 23, 2014

"Rumor has it Pat Kelly sucks major dick."
BBC at 05:56 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I heard that if you listen closely you can still hear the sounds of slaves in JG's bedroom."
Anonymous at 05:26 PM Jul 23, 2014

"Dave Powers has eaten out of the garbage on several occasions. "
Anonymous at 05:05 PM Jul 23, 2014

"@dave_powers Forces his friends to place fake bids on eBay to gain marginal higher profits. #patkellyrumors"
JSween4 at 04:30 PM Jul 23, 2014

"@JSween4 artificially inflates prices on eBay auctions by placing fake bids #patkellyrumors"
dave_powers at 04:28 PM Jul 23, 2014

"@JSween4 I heard you gave a lecture on hipsterism but no one came because everyone else wanted to go #patkellyrumors"
Juddyvegas at 03:16 PM Jul 23, 2014

"Pat Kelly had me give the Shea twins more playing time than him because, according to him, "that's all they had.""
Coach Sly at 02:33 PM Jul 23, 2014

"Pat Kelly won almost every award at HHS except most improved. He didn't need to improve."
Anonymous at 01:57 PM Jul 23, 2014

"When polled, Cedar school graduates were familiar with basic spelling and grammar, including the appropriate use of their, there, and they're. "
Anonymous at 01:51 PM Jul 23, 2014

"When poled Sylvester School graduates rated there life satisfaction 9/10 on avg while Cedar School graduates answered with a dismal 3/10. #PKR "
Anonymous at 01:46 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I heard Pat Kelly stole a Performance Troupe karate suit and still wears it to bed. "
Randy at 01:19 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I heard there is a pool on-top of the new HHS "
Anonymous at 01:09 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I stole my 8th grade multimedia project off YouTube "
Andy B at 01:05 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I heard Pat Kelly lived in the Sylvester school zone but went to Cedar anyway. "
Mr. Rogers at 01:02 PM Jul 23, 2014

Mr.Lee at 12:57 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I think what this gentleman meant was *bear hands because I heard Pat Kelly has bear hands ↓"
Anonymous at 12:55 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I heard Pat Kelly is so strong he tore down the old HHS with his bare hands "
Anonymous at 12:49 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I heard @Juddyvegas aka JG's new album is dropping soon and is entitled Cabana Chillin' & Killin' #patkellyrumors"
JSween4 at 12:32 PM Jul 23, 2014

"I'm looking for a new team and Hanover basketball looks good to me. "
Donald Sterling at 12:25 PM Jul 23, 2014